• South Side Crew

    The South Side Crew is a unique collaboration & combination between the world of the Live Musician (Brad Grobler), and the DJ (Rob Janssen). Together as a production team, the South Side Crew have made many hit records, and produced some of the ho ... Read More

  • Space Nuggets

    Ever since the U.S. dance group Space Nuggets formed in 2000, their ambition was clear: to present their own iconoclastic twist to the U.S. dance music scene. This unique group, and their fun-loving over-the-top take on dance music, has become a stap ... Read More

  • Spirit Kings

    Spirit Kings (Michael Biz, Machine Gun Funk, Rajon) are a group of uber talented musicians and producers who came together to create a specific sound that captures many avenues of music geared toward DANCE. With their keen studio knowledge and musica ... Read More

  • Stefanie

    With experience in singing and entertainment, a passion for all music and especially a love for classic disco music, dance-pop recording artist Stefanie works tirelessly to create infectious synth based Pop Dance Music. By placing emphasis on strong ... Read More

  • System Advanced

    System Advanced is a unique and exciting addition to the Amathus Music roster. Bringing a distinct and energetic sound to their music compliments what Amathus is all about. With a strong drive and experience in the Dance Music scene, this is an artis ... Read More

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