• Sharon T

    If you are ready to have songs just melt in your heart, Sharon T and her impressive vocal range--marked by grace, poise and power--will do just that! "Stargazer" marks her first dance song ever recorded. This song contains House and Euro elements. ... Read More

  • Siany

    With her fun vibe and universal pop dance melodies, Siany is quickly becoming a hot topic in the music world. Born and raised in Forest Hills Queens, music has always been a part of her life with a family of artists and musicians. Coming from a singl ... Read More

  • Side-Step

    Side-Step are an exceptionally diverse collective of electronic studio musicians, producers and tech wizards based in the New York tri-state area. The concept of Side-Step is to provide a creative outlet where musical genres can be freely mixed and e ... Read More

  • Sons Of Liberty

    The Son's Of Liberty are all about Deep House with a distinctly Latin flavor that makes their music sizzle. Often described as cutting edge in the house world, the Son's Of Liberty are breaking barriers and pushing the envelope of electronic music. ... Read More

  • Sophia Cruz

    Sophia Cruz has a dream in mind and has always been focused on attaining her goals. Born in NYC and raised in CT, she knew her destiny when at the age of 4 she told her kindergarten teacher that she dreamed of being a taxi driver. While ambitious, sh ... Read More

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