• TBM

    MacGuyver Since his arrival on the dance music scene, MacGuyver has impacted club goers worldwide. His journey began as a DJ in Philadelphia - close to his roots - where inspiration flourished. As he progressed, he landed many gigs in the local ar ... Read More

  • The Daft Scholar

    Always in pursuit of higher knowledge, The Daft Scholar (a new moniker for Giuseppe D.) has brought in tradition with a tantalizing groove by his introduction with "Pomp And Circumstance" aka The Graduation Song. This new version really takes this ... Read More

  • The Festivallerz

    The Festivallerz is a unique and exciting addition to the Amathus Music roster. Bringing a distinct and energetic sound to their music compliments what Amathus is all about. With a strong drive and experience in the Dance Music scene, this is an arti ... Read More

  • Tio Pepe

    Tio Pepe has started a viral whirlwind with his new song - Spanglish. The creative lyrics and infectious hooks are stirring up nightclubs and the underground DJ circuit worldwide. The sexy, tribal-tinged, thumping grooves are time-tested and prove ... Read More

  • Tius

    Tius = This Is U S, we make music on computers!Read More

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