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    With experience in singing and entertainment, a passion for all music and especially a love for classic disco music, dance-pop recording artist Stefanie works tirelessly to create infectious synth based Pop Dance Music. By placing emphasis on strong vocals and melodies, her unique style of electronic music evolves from a diverse set of influences, which span the globe, including: Rock, Pop, House, Trance, Electro and R&B Music.

    "A great break in my musical direction came when I heard disco music in the 70's as an adolescent," Stefanie says. "It touched a part of me that will never let go."

    Hailing from the NJ Area, Stefanie's unique and emotionally inspired vocals, meshed with passionate lyrics make for a deeper dance music experience. "You Never Said You Loved Me" is the debut single from this new and exciting Amathus Music recording artist. Stefanie's vocals and music modestly weave a tapestry of melodic euro flavor layered against a backdrop of synthesizers and rockin' electronic beats. Also involved with the single is Dave Gadbois of Sounds Creative with a strong remix. Dave is most notable for remixes for Brooklyn Bounce, Kate Cerbrano, Diamond Boy Luis as well as many other top-notch remix services such as X-Mix, Ultimix and Hot Tracks.

    "To create melodies, harmonies, and memorable lyrics with the strongest production as possible is my passion. These are the things that excite me about music!"

    Stefanie releases on Amathus Music:

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