• Fairlight Syndicate

    With a sound that is inspired by artists such as Armin Van Buuren and Laidback Luke, Fairlight Syndicate weaves together sonic textures and biting lead lines. Drawing from a deep knowledge of synthesizers, old and new technology come together to crea ... Read More

  • Fayden

    From the Runways of Paris to the pages of G.Q. Magazine, Fayden has always embraced the spotlight. Taking the fashion model world by storm, Fayden has worked with such companies as Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein and Giorgio Armani. Fayden has also had le ... Read More

  • Festivillainz

    Festivillainz make music that scares your parents, excites your girlfriends and destroys dance-floors!Read More

  • Fingrrblstrr

    Bringing back some techno roots, Fingrrblstrr is yet another creation from producer Giuseppe D. along with his mysterious female collaborator, where the inspiration of the track "Fingerblaster" came from. His debut release "Fingerblaster" is a big ... Read More

  • Flyblow

    Flyblow began from the creative mind of Sam Reeve, a DJ/Producer from the UK. For several years Sam was involved with the house music scene across Europe. He progressed into a more techno sound, which lead to him to start a label with his good friend ... Read More

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