• Fayden

    From the Runways of Paris to the pages of G.Q. Magazine, Fayden has always embraced the spotlight. Taking the fashion model world by storm, Fayden has worked with such companies as Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein and Giorgio Armani.

    Fayden has also had lengthy appearances on "As The World Turns” and “Sex In The City". He shows signs of a true star in the making while always looking towards his passion; Music. Fayden started to pursue his dream of putting on a stage show that would leave crowds in astonishment.

    "I love to perform and feel the energy from the crowd," says Fayden.

    Fayden's style is mixing a pop edge with a not so traditional dance sound, which will lead to what many are calling, the new cutting edge of electronic music. With an edgy New York image and intensely hot tracks, and a rare charisma that captures the attention of all who are in the room, Fayden has all the makings of a dance/pop crossover superstar. Leaving many to wonder, just how far will this young artist go?

    Fayden releases on Amathus Music:

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