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    Flyblow began from the creative mind of Sam Reeve, a DJ/Producer from the UK. For several years Sam was involved with the house music scene across Europe. He progressed into a more techno sound, which lead to him to start a label with his good friend Jon Rundell. With an unbelievable amount of A-List DJ support Retek Records quickly made its mark. Sam and Jon soon then developed as artistes in their own right. Jon went on to become label manager for Intec Records. Sam on the other hand had developed a taste for the less commercial vibe and slowly, over his 10+ years in the scene, delved deeper underground into a world of outdoor forest parties and secret raves hidden in dark corners of the world. After deciding that the UK was not the best place for these kinds of outdoor events, due to it being freezing cold, Sam did what every normal person would do, he dropped everything and moved to Australia where he had nowhere to live, a pocket full of money and knew no one.

    It wasn't long before the warm beaches and sunshine influenced Sam to changes his underground techno sound to a more upbeat vibe, to suit the new surfer culture he'd been welcomed into. It was at this point that Flyblow was born.

    Flyblow has gone on to dominate Island, Beach and Boat parties with a mix of jacking electro and driving four to the floor house stompers, earning him the respect of his new Aussie following. Fly have become renowned for his peak time crowd workouts and diverse style.

    Flyblows production spans from the twisted synth driven electro of the Southern Hemisphere right back to his techno days back in Europe. Ensuring that the listener is always guessing what's going to come next.

    "Will it be a catchy smash or a deep groove?"

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