• Crimsyn

    Mike Schmitt, a.k.a. Crimsyn, grew up with a love for music. At just the age of 8, Mike started playing the violin, excelling throughout his schooling becoming first chair in High School. In his teens, Mike took up playing the guitar, forming multipl ... Read More

  • CTGP

    The year was 1985 when a young dark-haired suburban kid first stumbled upon a beat-up, second hand Linn Drum Machine at a neighbor's yard sale. A couple of faders were missing, the rear panel was water damaged, and the whole thing smelled like fertil ... Read More

  • Cynthia Taylor

    Cynthia Taylor's uplifting positive spirit, outgoing personality and undeniable talent is absolutely memorizing. Cynthia's fierce driven, independent nature is a product of both her New Jersey upbringing and parents who pushed and encouraged her to e ... Read More

  • Cyprus Presents Michael James Nigro

    Cyprus was founded by International DJ/Producer/Remixer Chris "The Greek" Panaghi and vocalist Michael James Nigro. Collectively, these two have been on a list of hit records that is over a mile long. From Michael Jackson to John Lennon and Yoko Ono, ... Read More

  • D-System

    From dance music producer and remixer Giuseppe D. comes D-System. D-System is a hybrid of musical influences from yesterday and today, combined with some mysterious vocals by Septima. So with this in mind he brings to Amathus Music their first releas ... Read More

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