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    Mike Schmitt, a.k.a. Crimsyn, grew up with a love for music. At just the age of 8, Mike started playing the violin, excelling throughout his schooling becoming first chair in High School. In his teens, Mike took up playing the guitar, forming multiple bands and winning numerous "Battle Of The Bands" competitions in Central New York.

    While Mike was attending college, studying music, he was introduced to a variety of new music including EDM, House, Trance, D&B, and Dubstep. He instantly fell in love and began to reproduce the sounds he couldn't stop listening to. After experimenting with numerous software and hardware, he began to make remixes and compose his own style of electronic music, forming his new identity as Crimsyn.

    Crimsyn currently just finished building his own recording studio. He has since been working on multiple projects including tracks with his former college roommate, DJ Zilos.

    "Producing music is something I could never stop doing," Mike explains. "When you hear that sound or beat and it gives you chills; it's an addiction unlike any other."

    Mike looks forward to working with a lot of talented singers and performers in the near future, further developing his skills, technique, and diversity within the music industry. Crimsyn hopes to not only learn from the growing evolution of dance music, but also play a role in it's progression.

    Crimsyn releases on Amathus Music:

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