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    X7 is the nom de guerre of this new experimental breakbeat artist. X7 started playing drums at the age of 11, soon after switching to guitar. As a teen, he played in several rock and metal bands, shredding to the likes of Metallica, Van Halen, Slayer, etc. While studying Economics in Florida State University, he formed "Hail Satan," an over-the-top phyrotechnic saturated metal band that, though short-lived, built a solid cult following.

    It was during his tenure in South Florida that he also came under the spell of Breakbeat Dance Music. While at first glance the two styles -- Metal and Dance -- seem to have nothing to do with one another, X7 saw definite similarities and armed only with his BC Rich guitar, his Marshall amp and a borrowed drum machine, started rocking incredibly unique metal-meets-breakbeat tracks.

    "The Beginning", X7's debut single on Amathus Music, is an excellent example of this fusion. A hard-driving metallic track featuring a blistering speed metal guitar theme, diabolically twisted vocals, and a classic 80's Metal war cry that would make Rob Halford proud, "The Beginning" indeed portends an excellent beginning for this unique electronic artist.

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