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    Vivimus has always been about the music, but it took some time for it to become an attainable goal. While working a regular day to day job, Vivimus consistently found time to immerse himself in the music scene and create mixes of his own. With a talent and appreciation for music he naturally looked to get to the next level.

    "I always found myself wondering and experimenting with new sounds and songs to express my creativity", added Vivimus.

    Consistently listening to music made him realize just how much it played a key role in his life. Hence the passion got stronger and after doing extensive research, he soon found himself taking classes at The Scratch Academy in New York City. While there he met several professionals in the business and started to acquire further knowledge in the music industry.

    Shortly thereafter he started DJing local house parties and events which has given him more experience performing. Now with the right guidance and information, Vivimus constructed a solid foundation improving his skills.

    "Once you develop respect and passion for what you do, success and gratification will surely follow", proclaims Vivimus.

    Vivimus can currently be found in the studio working on his mixing and producing high quality music globally. At the end of the day, he has one goal and that is to make the whole world move their body and souls!

    Vivimus releases on Amathus Music:

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