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    Tribal Saints is a writing and production team that focuses on building songs around percussive, edgy elements while keeping pop sensibilities to the overall feel and sound of the tracks.

    Rhythm is everything in the Tribal Saints world. When they're creating music, it starts with a heartbeat born of their passion for pulsating music. Rhythm can affect our mood and Tribal Saints is out to inspire you to move to a different beat, a beat where you can be set apart from negative energy and breathe in the excitement and freedom that only music can express.

    "If it doesn't groove, it won't move you," the Tribal Saints reflect.

    The Tribal Saints are making quite a name for themselves. They produced and co-wrote the single "Reach For You" in the 2007 film, The Coalition where they were prominently played in the film and featured on the soundtrack. They also collaborated on the dance single Destiny by amberRose Marie where they have a co-writing credit and also have written and recorded with hit songwriter Bruce Sudano and international artist Ian Erix.

    Chris Panaghi quickly took notice at Amathus Music where he paired them up with the Rev-Players for their debut single "Party (It's Alright)". The Tribal Saints enlisted the vocal talents of Joie Giordano and have demonstrated that with the panache and production skills to back it up it's possible to cultivate an international smash hit.

    In addition to their original productions comes a slew of top quality remixes for the singles, "Come To Me" by Laylah, "You Are Here" by Chris "The Greek" Panaghi and "Speechless" by DJ Zilos.

    "The rhythm starts in the heart and ends when it reaches the soul."

    The Tribal Saints are steadily building a name for themselves in the industry and only offering us a glimpse of what's to come!

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