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    Las Vegas based Ricky Ric started his run as the resident DJ and entertainment director of the infamous Honolulu Hawaii dance and live music club "Gussie La'Amour's". He was well known there for his hot non-stop, high-energy Latin dance sets as well as his dance remixes, club lighting shows and other live music productions. During this time he also began producing remixes and arrangements for other artists as well as writing and recording his own material.

    After his run in Hawaii and with the birth of his (5th) son, Ricky then relocated to Norman Oklahoma, home of the infamous Oklahoma University. There he constructed "DiscoToy Studios," his first "stationary" recording facility. With the studio and his production company Blue Music Productions (BMP), he has produced countless projects in dance, rock, and everything in-between for a variety of artists. He also worked with many Indie Record labels through those years as well.

    One of the more unusual projects Ricky took on a few years back was a musical theater production for SB Dance Company's "Revenge of Yoga The Musical," Here, he co-composed and handled all of the arrangements of the music for the show, which took him into a whole other musical world for a brief period.

    You will find much of his newer productions on Thunder Quest Records (TQR) for the outrageous and often controversial indie band "Cutting Edge". Ricky has enjoyed a long and on-going association with the band beginning with his first remix for group of their hit "Love Police". Some of his latest production work can be found on Cutting Edge's recent music releases and music videos such as "If the Walls Could talk," "Venomous Love Affair," "Your Love Is My Oxygen" (Munroe Remix) and others.

    In addition to his productions for TQR, Ricky also can be found remixing various artists for Amathus Music such as Chris "The Greek" Panaghi, Darren Round, Sophia Cruz, Tribal Saints and more.

    Currently, Ricky is the programming director for the Broadcast Network for Indie Artists, (BN4IA), which is a new radio network that broadcasts via FTA satellite, over the internet and to over 500 US and international terrestrial radio stations. Ricky also produces and hosts the BN4IA's "Weekend Dance Party" which can be heard every Friday and Saturday night world-wide. The Weekend Dance Party is a non-stop DJ mixshow program that features some of the hottest DJs in the US and from around the globe.

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