• Mike "Thunder" Pennino

    South Brooklyn-born DJ/Producer Mike "Thunder" Pennino grew up in a family where music was a way of life, so it was inevitable that he would someday turn his lifelong love of music into a successful career.

    Mike "Thunder" Pennino has been a major fixture on the nightclub and bar scene since the mid 1980's, ripping the roof off with his signature mixing style and meeting many influential key players in the music industry along the way. Throughout the years Mike "Thunder" Pennino has also collaborated and worked with Chris "The Greek" Panaghi at many high profile venues, and their unique yet complimentary styles have rocked crowds all over the NY Tri-State area.

    Currently, Mike "Thunder" Pennino can be found in the studio producing new tracks for premiere electronic label Amathus Music. Always one step ahead of the European dance music trends, he is now taking his DJ and production skills to the next level by becoming an artist in his own right. "Thunder Traxx Vol. 1", paved the way for a slew of housey, speaker-rocking bangers that now fill his discography. Mike has gone onto remixing notable club hits for: Laylah, Kelita, DJ Zilos and countless others.

    "Music is as individual as the person, creature or thing that created it. Whether it be raindrops falling from a gutter or a complex drum and bass rhythm, it is music to someone," Mike reflects. "Never follow what the men in white shirts & black ties tell you to listen to, listen to the beat of your own drum."

    Mike "Thunder" Pennino releases on Amathus Music:

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