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    Linda O was born in Queens and raised on Long Island. She spent most of her childhood years singing everything from Broadway Musicals, Pop, Classic Rock to Do Wop tunes with her father. Linda sang in the chorus most of her school years and always dreamed of being a professional. She always had a passion for music and the theatre for as far back as she can remember.

    Linda comes from a very big family and growing up was tough. She looked to break away from everyone and find an identity of her own. Singing has done just that and has helped herself to grow and be the person she really is today.

    Linda O finds fulfillment and acceptance when performing. Having trained with Leonard Colletti Protege's for 4 years and studying with the very talented Don Lawrence for 2 years has kept herself at the top of her game. She has performed various solos for dinner shows, fundraisers, television productions, and fashion shows. In 2005 Linda O was featured on "Lullaby" from Hed Kandi's Winter Chill Album 2005 which has given her the respect she deserves.

    "Because The Night is such a terrific song", Linda O proclaims. "I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to re-record this great hit and bring a contemporary feel to this classic."

    Linda O has had great experiences in her life that were completely unexpected. She considers herself a very lucky person and feels very fortunate because of it.

    "You never know what life is going to throw at you, but I do know you have to make the best of what is given to you. Take chances and don't let opportunities pass you by. With hard work and devotion it will pay off and I intend to pursue my dreams no matter what happens in my life, because without dreams, life is just not worth living."

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