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    Hollway is fronted by Australian producer/performer Simon Hollway, a former DJ whose residencies include Heaven and Paradise Factory in the UK and international appearances from Rio de Janeiro to the Berlin Love Parade. Simon's productions combine house, trance, pop and techno, always uplifting and consistently aimed at the dancefloor. After a successful 10 year DJ career, Simon retired to the rainforest in a remote region of Australia four years ago to concentrate solely on production and now splits his time between studios in the UK and Australia, producing with fresh and upcoming local talent from both countries.

    Signed by leading European Electro House Label, Plasmapool, in 2014, Hollway has since released two tracks on their TRXX and Suicide Robot imprints: the uplifting trance tune 'You Make the Sun Rise' which made a dramatic impact last summer in Ibiza and the arms-in-the-air, prime-time prog house screamer "Carry On", re-released at the end of last year.

    Hollway is delighted to have now also teamed up with American label Amathus Music for the forthcoming release "When I Found You" featuring the soulful vocals of Aussie singer Scott Day-Vee. This new partnership aims to gain exposure to a US EDM audience and seeks to build upon this debut release on Amathus with further projects in the pipeline.

    Hollway releases on Amathus Music:

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