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    Electrik Pulse is founded by Themi Charalambous. Electrik Pulse was created to focus more on original productions and remix work taking dance music to a new level by creating music that moves you. Electrik Pulse is bringing together talented people from all walks of life that truly have a passion and love for dance music. Together they are creating a sound that will have no limits and no boundaries, thus creating original tracks that MOVE YOU!

    Themi Charalambous, the founder of Electrik Pulse, has always had a passion and love for music since he was a kid growing up in Queens, NY. Growing up in a traditional Greek household he was always surrounded by music. He knew that one day he would be involved in the music industry in some way. Themi's musical career started at the age of 15, starting out as a local DJ mixing at house parties for friends. It then took off and evolved into much more. Themi wanted to be on the other side, wanting to be the one creating the music that people were listening to.

    When Themi was 18 he started writing lyrics and melodies. He suddenly realized that he wanted even more, he wanted to create the music to go along with the lyrics and melodies that he was writing. Soon after Themi picked up a keyboard and taught him self how to play by ear. 12 years later he is still creating, writing, playing and loving every second of it, because it truly comes from the heart.

    "The feeling is amazing when you can sit in front of a keyboard or piano and just play what you're felling at that moment," says Themi.

    Electrik Pulse has been involved in several projects that have charted on the Billboard club play chart including a remix for Chris "The Greek" Panaghi's track entitled "The Time". This track showcases Themi's hard work & true love for dance music as he is always willing to experiment and take his music to the next level. Within a couple of weeks of its release "The Time" Hit the # 5 position on the chart.

    Electrik pulse shows no sign of slowing down. Every week they are involved in a new project. Look for the Electrik Pulse name on new releases out soon!

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