• DJ Zizo

    DJ Zizo knew he was born to spin for as long as he can remember. Zizo was introduced to a variety of music at a young age, studying classical violin at eight as well as the Arabic Oud, a string instrument much like the guitar. It wasn't until he attended a show by electronica pioneers the Orb, though, that he felt the call of the turntables and decided to focus on innovative DJing.

    Over the past few years, DJ Zizo has performed guest spots throughout the US. While he cites Paul Van Dyke, DJ Icey, and DJ Keoki as influences, Zizo is emphatic about bringing his own productional style to the turntables. "I Wanna Man Tonight" is a prime example of his emerging uniqueness; a track highlighting his Arabic roots with an ever-building sexy Saharan string anthem, while simultaneously flexing his funky late night DJ chops.

    Zizo summed up his philosophy and passion for music in a recent conversation: "Music, particularly electronic music, has no borders, no countries, no divisions. It's the only space that really brings people together and allows them to have a good time. And that's what I'm all about - having a good time!"

    DJ Zizo releases on Amathus Music:

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