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    Since the early stages of his life Timm Hines has always had a passion for music. Growing up in New York around many musical influences, from family members in bands, to friends and family into dance, music was always around. Never turning down the chance to hear any new form of music, Timm embraced all the sounds that were presented to him, and still keeps his ear to the ground to this day.

    At the age of 14 Timm was introduced to a DJ's Turntable, and upgraded from the home consumer stereo system. Teenage years of spending time in New York's well known record shop's such as Numbers, Rock & Soul, and Decadance only expanded his knowledge and quest for more music. It was these years that opened the doorway to the world of Clubs. Steeping up from making mixes on the home stereo, to actually blending records together, with 2 turntables and a mixer, all new possibilities opened up. DJing in clubs was the next part of the plan. Learning from such inspirations such as DJ Sharad, Noah Torres, Tim Digits, just to name a few, the tools were laid out, and it was time to build. Constantly going out, listening to other musicians, DJ's, performers, at all times using this to build his sets, and music style. Playing in many NY clubs such as Industry, Tunnel, Exit, Timm really learned how to rock a crowd. After many years in the industry, Timm feels he has earned the title of DJ to his name.

    "Music and Clubs are what I live for. Some people get a rush from sky diving, I get a rush from a big Speaker Stack, when your breath actually gets lost for a moment from the intensity of the Bass."

    Years later the stars aligned, and DJ Timm Hines linked up with Michael Biz, and began production work. Timm sat in on many sessions with famed producers at 907 Studios, and aCuzina Studios watching masters at work, soaking it all in, learning. This opened yet another door, now for Timm to create the songs that were locked away in his head since birth. Michael Biz and Timm Hines formed 'The Spirit Kings' with Machine Gun Funk and Rajon, a collaboration to produce soulful and disco style house music. Timm Hines has co-produced along with Michael Biz "Move It" featured on Amathus Music. More recently Amathus Music has also signed "Tribal Space" by DJ Timm Hines, slatted to be released in 2012.

    "My goal is to have that unique identifiable DJ Timm Hines sound, and people like Amathus Music, Michael Biz, and the Spirit Kings, are good allies to have supporting me at what I do."

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