• Dima Jeys

    Latvian DJ/Producer Dima Jeys began his career in at small town in the Northwest region of Riga, the capital of Latvia.

    Dima discovered his passion for DJ'ing and the art of technical mixing when he was just 13 and he quickly developed the skills to parlay his love of music into a viable career in the world of electronic music.

    2006 proved to be a breakthrough year for Dima when he was invited to spin at La Rocca, the biggest club in all of the Baltic countries. Within a year he had honed his skills to such a degree that he was invited to work at two additional high profile venues - Fashion and Voodoo.

    Dima took his growing success in the club world to another level when he decided to try his hand at producing his own original music. Dima's original compositions are technical masterpieces which display a broad spectrum of emotion and manage to touch the soul of the listener in a way that many dance compositions not able to. With every new track, Dima Jeys brings a unique blend of harmony and energy to the table and he believes in infusing his music with a strong and positive feeling.

    Dima enjoys different styles of music and the genres of music that have been most influential to him have been House, Electro, Progressive, Tech-house and Trance.

    Dima's life motto is: "If form and sound is changing than we are moving!"

    Dima Jeys releases on Amathus Music:

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