• Darook MC

    Darook MC is born and raised in the county of Los Angeles, in the United States. He has been MCing and recording vocals for a few years now, so don't call him a rookie or a beginner.

    His first single, which was produced by Darook, was released in 1995. After recording many tracks using his infectious vocals, he decided to give his vocal talents a unique name; Darook. Being influence by hip-hop, hip house, hardcore and all styles of dance music he later added the MC to his name.

    Darook MC's discography is vast and getting longer by the minute. He has released many single in the United States, Mexico and all over the European market. He shows us why he is one of the most dedicated and talented voices in the industry today with hard work and dedication. Darook MC always strives to push the envelope in his style and approach as he looks into the future to achieve his goals.

    Look out for new releases and live performances.

    Darook MC releases on Amathus Music:

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