• Cynthia Taylor

    Cynthia Taylor's uplifting positive spirit, outgoing personality and undeniable talent is absolutely memorizing. Cynthia's fierce driven, independent nature is a product of both her New Jersey upbringing and parents who pushed and encouraged her to explore her creative side at an early age.

    "On and On" is the debut-release for Cynthia Taylor on Amathus Music. There are only a few CD-R promo copies sent around and the feedback is amazing. This single comes complete with a remix from female DJ/Producer/Remixer, Twisted Dee. Dee delivers a strong remix with all her tight percussion elements and big room club appeal. "On and On" is the first of many big releases to come.

    Cynthia Taylor is one of the most talented and mind blowing artists out today. She understands her mission and goals in her career and that is to make the world dance. Look out for new Cynthia Taylor releases in the near future!

    Cynthia Taylor releases on Amathus Music:

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