• Brooklyn Queens

    Brooklyn Queens is a new pop/dance group from the NY Tri-State area. Their sound has a definite crossover appeal that has always been well received in many clubs and radio stations throughout the U.S. Brooklyn Queens has been compared to many successful artists such as; Amber, Cher, and Diana Fox.

    Their first release was a cover version of Boston's hit ballad "Amanda" which was released on Tommy Boy Records. They enjoyed success in the NY, Florida, Texas and California markets. "Amanda" was also featured on Vic Latino's compilation "80's Now" which gave it even more exposure. From the success of this single, Brooklyn Queens has expanded their fan base within the international dance community.

    Brooklyn Queens have now hooked up with Amathus Music to release their new single "Start The Dance". "Start The Dance" is a breakbeat cover version of Bohannon's massive funk driven classic disco single that has always been a dancefloor bomb. Brooklyn Queens have pumped up and reworked the track into a new cutting edge version that is sure to make some major noise. This new single is guaranteed to be floor filler!

    "Love is love and we love the classics," they say with a smirk. With their keen pick of classic songs to cover and top-notch production, it's easy to see why they are so popular.

    Brooklyn Queens releases on Amathus Music:

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