• Angel Martinez

    Being a Jersey boy, Angel Martinez knows how music can move people emotionally and physically. The songs that Angel has written, as well as recorded, reflects that strong passion for emotion and others just make you want to dance. With his music Angel wants to get your heart pumping as well as your fists.

    This is Angel's first release with Amathus Music and he is excited to share it with the world. Working with Keven Maroda on his debut release, Angel Martinez was able to accomplish the wide range of sounds he was looking to achieve. You can hear everything from upbeat dance tracks to darker ballads.

    Angel says, "This is what I wake up thinking about and at night this is what I dream about."

    With his passion and crazy persona Angel Martinez will be sure to reach everybody who is down for a musical roller coaster ride!

    Angel Martinez releases on Amathus Music:

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