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    New Jersey-based DJ, songwriter, producer, and remixer, 1AM has been making dance tracks for 20 years. Within the past 10 years he has sold tons of copies of his music worldwide. 1AM has a unique sound with a mass crossover appeal, which has paved the way for radio stations to embrace his music. His tracks have been played and charted by some of the biggest DJ's all over the world. 1AM is living proof that hard work and determination pays off.

    Inspired by early disco and dance music from the 80's, 1AM has a fun, feel good sound. His music fuses U.S. style dance music with electronic dance elements. He is one of the most passionate pioneers of euro style dance music. Many have compared his style to DJ Sammy, Ian Van Dahl and even Lasgo. He has worked on some monster singles for artists like; Fischerspooner, RTS, and Atlantic Cross.

    1AM has now teamed up with Amathus Music to release his new single "Addicted To Love." This track is a breakbeat cover version of Robert Palmer's hit 80's single that has always been a dancefloor classic. 1AM gave the track his signature breakbeat vibe and reworked the arrangement into a new cutting edge dance version. "Addicted To Love" is sure to make you addicted to 1AM's music.

    "Music has always been the biggest passion in my life," 1AM says with a smile. The expectations for 1AM are high and he is up to meet the challenges!

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