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Chance knew he was destined for a life in music when at the age of seven he wrestled his older brother away from the family piano during the latter's piano lesson and demanded to be taught by the stunned teacher. His mom took due notice and soon after started him with his own lessons.

By the time he was fifteen, Chance had taught himself guitar and was playing professionally in wedding and cover bands, often having to buy fake id to perform in late night clubs. It was at this time that he discovered the wonders of the recording studio, occasionally finding work as a session keyboardist. "My jaw nearly hit the floor the first time I worked on a professional mixing console. Coming from a classical backround, I didn't look at it so much as a cool futuristic gadget but as a complete orchestra in a box."

After spending a year at the Berklee College of Music on a scholarship, he attended the Julliard School of Music where in addition to studying classical music, he immersed himself in electronic and world music. "I was such a wildly ambitious wide-eyed music fanatic then. The problem was that I wasn't clear what direction to study-Rock, Jazz, Pop, etc. My solution was simple: learn everything, throw it all together, and make in my own style."

After college, Chance built his own project studio and quickly started writing and recording his own material. It wasn't long before he started falling under the spell of the emerging house music scene in the 90's and began dropping his own beats in his studio. His fellow New Yorkers in the Dance and Electronic world quickly took notice. Chance soon released an E.P. with Jeda Records, followed by collaborations with Chris "The Greek" Panaghi. Releases were quick to come on such labels as, ZYX Music, MAW, Sony, Epic and many more.

"Lost My God", "Future Electric", and "Train Between Two Stations" demonstrate a range of Chance's electronic styles while highlighting some unifying aspects to his work: hard driving beats, rich musical chord changes, tight hooky melodies, and thought provoking lyrics. If this music is indicative of his releases to come then chances are Chance has a bright future in the music industry!

Chance's Releases on Amathus Music:

Train Between Two Stations
Lost My God (When You Fell)
Future Electric

:: Rev-Players

Decks Are Ready
Where Are U Going
Feels Like Tonight
All Night
Stream Of Light
Ear Kandi
My Love

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